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mardi 20 avril 2021

Election of the rector of the University of Savona: The international support of Federico Delfino

As Africa's leading European economic partner, Italy has established itself both economically and culturally. Despite its non-colonial past, Italian culture is advancing by leaps and bounds on the black continent and particularly in Cameroon.

This transfer of Italian know-how and its culture find an explanation in the volume of Cameroonians who will study in Italy, the first destination for Cameroonian students in Europe.

In Cameroon to the end of the Batoufam village, the University of Savona is cited by secondary school pupils and students as a reference in the field of renewable energy training, all thanks to the support of FEDERICO DELFINO, Director of the Savona Campus .

Its credo is international cooperation which is the symbol of the greatness of a university. Thanks to its initiatives, Cameroon has hosted several students from the University of Savona for training of young people from remote areas and in the field of renewable energies.

Support for these initiatives from the University of Savona has enabled Cameroonians to understand the concept of alternative energy

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