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lundi 01 mars 2021

Cameroon Blockchain Business Council (CBBC) to host the first ever : African Blockchain Day (ABD)

A major day dedicated to technological advancement in Blockchain in Africa.

On Thursday, October 10th, 2019 — The Cameroon Blockchain Business Council (CBBC) will be hosting the African Blockchain Day (ABD) “Digitize Everything” Event.

ABD aims to propel, uplift and educate people on the latest technological trends in Blockchain technology as an inclusion tool, as-well-as share insights into the revolutionary opportunities this technology offers, especially for Africa.

The purpose of the event is to make the day as impactful and educative as possible, by bringing together the best and brightest thinkers and doers in Africa. It is also a day when innovators and change makers from different sectors can collaborate, rally and direct change through Blockchain technology.

The 1st edition of the Africa Blockchain Day will be a two-hour online digital event, permitting

all available participants to attend via webinar. The event will commence through an ABD

Ambassador Program. Dividing the initiative into four distinct ambassador teams that will work in synergy, namely;

1. ABD Country Ambassador

 2. ABD Industry Ambassador

3. Women in Blockchain Africa Ambassador

4. ABD Student Ambassador programmes

Expected in attendance will be representatives in various sectors from multiple industries and

disciplines such as finance, payments, manufacturing, energy, retail, real estate, legal,

investment, venture capital, insurance, health, regulation, compliance, government, diplomacy,telecommunications, mobile network operators, information technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

About ABD Founder:

Africa Blockchain Day was founded by Ernest V. Mbenkum, a serial entrepreneur and an early adopter (most likely the first African) of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin early in 2010. He is extremely passionate about how the future of Africa is going to be impacted by the advent of Blockchain technology. Ernest throughout the years has seen a need to educate and engage major stakeholders on the African continent and around the world about the opportunities offered by Blockchain technology and its applications. He has founded pioneering Blockchain companies like the Cameroon Blockchain Business Council and Fintech Ltd which has developed international award-winning fintech products that are at the cutting-edge of the industry. He has also supported various blockchain communities across the African continent that have been instrumental in raising awareness about Blockchain technology. The Africa Blockchain Day comes to drive fruitful exchanges to inform, educate and engage an inclusive BLOCKCHAIN ecosystem in Africa and across the world.


Key supporters:

-Abubaker Mayanja, Executive Director, Africa Blockchain Alliance (ABA), Uganda.

-Adeolu Fadele, President, Blockchain Industry Association of Nigeria (BIAN), Nigeria.

-Rodrigue Fouafou, Founding Member & Vice President of Chamber for Africa Diaspora

Relations (CADR), United Kingdom.

About CBBC:

The Cameroon Blockchain Business Council (CBBC) brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders and leading businesses to highlight the latest innovations and advances in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa. CBBC is committed to create and deliver highly engaging training in the blockchain technology for individuals, entrepreneurs and institutions across diverse sectors. We specialize in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract Education, Development and Partnership. Website:

Our Communities include: Women in Blockchain Africa, New Kids on the Block, and now; the

Africa Blockchain Day (ABD).

After the official launch, ABD will be held annually on the 10th of every October.

To RSVP or for more information regarding the event:

Media Contact Name: Bertine Mbicho

Phone number: +237 651233606



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